Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Planning for the Future

We appropriate hundreds of millions of dollars ensuring that US Soldiers have top quality facilities. I enjoy being a part of this, however I am glad that I am now engaged in designing a new office facilty for our planning division.

Our current offices are located in 1950's barracks that have been remodeled to accomodate our offices. The old wood smells, the restrooms have exposed plumbing and years of urine on the floors, and of course no air conditioning. The new facility will be a big relief for many of us, even though we have to skimp on the furnishings due to limited funds.


GG said...

Interesting posts, Dennis. I especially enjoyed the comparison of the armys. Do you still wear Army fatigues?

watsonators said...

whoa dennis time to shave the ol' head! HAHA needa new bic?

edsajadaha05 said...

Post more man!